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Collaboration in Real Estate

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Collaboration is a useful tool for the real estate industry from inception to hand over and use. From planning to delivery and use, collaboration is a helpful tool for the real estate sector.

The goal of diversity is to respect and take into account the differences among individuals and groups of individuals. Such diversity will have a positive value in a dynamic company.

Businesses can gain from higher productivity and improved morale by encouraging diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. When everyone feels appreciated, respect among coworkers rises. A peaceful workplace cuts down on conflicts and absences, allowing an organisation to concentrate on getting the job done.

With good reason, diversity is the way of the future in the workplace. A variety of advantages flow from successfully fostering a diverse and inclusive culture within an organisation, including an enhanced capacity for connecting with a firm's own clientele, an improvement in team performance, greater creativity and innovation, not to mention a significant boost to an employer's brand and recruiting initiatives. Fundamentally, it's also one of the most effective and significant ways for businesses to practise a people-first approach and aid in the clarification of the values they uphold.

The bottom line is that diversity is a competitive advantage and rewards those who are willing to embrace it, as the workforce in most sectors continues to shift toward automation, roles focused on creativity and innovation are becoming areas where people can have the most influence and impact. 

All organisations need to find an approach to diversity and inclusion that is consistent with their core principles. But like any where, progress here starts with a change of mind, an openness to change and of course a willingness to listen to your people.

UK law protects minority groups from discrimination but diversity in the workplace is not a legal requirement. However, firms can take a proactive stance to promote a diverse workforce. In an industry, like property and real estate that currently lacks diverse representation, firms can gain an edge over their competitors by investing in diversity in their workforce.

The real estate industry has an opportunity to be a leader in diversity and inclusion. 

Erica Carras AIIRSM IMaPS is an Associate for Walker Construction Consultants 



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