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What We D0

Real Estate, as an industry, is far reaching and touches the lives of every type of person. As an industry, we therefore have a responsibility to be reflective of the communities that we impact and ultimately serve.

There are many ways in which our industry falls short of this responsibility, but we at BWRE want to start by addressing the issue of under representation of diversity by creating spaces for Black Women to Connect, Empower one another and Grow our reach and influence through a combined voice.

Scroll down to read more about BWRE's 3 pillars.


BWRE has its foundation in creating true connections between black women across the industry. 

We make a conscious effort to bring together our members and engage in regular informal chats to continue to build our relationships

If you would like to attend an event, check out the events section or contact us


By establishing friendships, our members naturally support each other's professional development. Including assisting with professional decisions in the form or informal peer to peer mentoring. 

We hope to formalise this by providing mentoring for university students studying a relevant topic and providing mocks APC candidates.


Contact us if you would be interested in future mentoring opportunities  


We know we are a minority in real estate and understand that our united voices can bring about positive change for women like us and for the future generation.

This is why we are dedicated to highlighting our members by sharing panel opportunities, writing opportunities in publications and challenging institutions to change the status quo. 

If you are looking for panel members or seeking to engage for other opportunities, please contact us

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