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Phenomenal Women Campaign: My Key Takeaways and Empowering Lessons.

The Phenomenal Women campaign by BWRE was launched in July. The campaign spotlighted the remarkable journeys of five exceptional black female executives who have distinguished themselves within the built environment.

From the early beginnings to their current positions as top-tier executives, their stories resonate with resilience, perseverance, and an unyielding commitment to success. This reveals the importance of consistency and staying enthusiastic to this journey. Each week, a new profile was unveiled, chronicling their triumphs, challenges and reflecting invaluable lessons they've gathered along the way.

Personally it has been inspiring and empowering for me as a young woman in real estate. It not only applauds their accomplishments but also motivates me to set higher goals and not be disheartened by the journey. In this article, I share with you my five key takeaways.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Firstly, diversity is not just a buzzword; its a pillar that enriches industries and fosters innovation. The campaign underscores the importance of championing diversity and creating an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Paying it Forward: The campaign also showcases how these women have embraced the

responsibility of paying it forward. By sharing their stories and insights, they are creating a legacy of inspiration and guidance for the next generation of black women like me entering the field.

Breaking Barriers: These women have broken barriers. Their achievements

remind me that limitations are often self-imposed, and with determination, dedication, and hard work, we can overcome obstacles.

Continuous Learning: Despite their impressive accomplishments, these executives

emphasise the importance of continuous learning. Staying curious, adapting to change, and acquiring new skills are essential for personal and professional growth.

Reinvention and Authenticity: The power of reinvention and authenticity encourages

individuals, particularly black women, to embrace their unique qualities and perspectives, fostering self-confidence and career growth.

The campaign has illuminated the path ahead, revealing the transformative power of women from diverse background rise to executive positions, this has sparked a passion within me and serves as a call to action, urging me to play an active role in shaping an inclusive industry where everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive.

The Phenomenal Women campaign has shown the power of storytelling and representation. It shows that our narratives matter, that accomplishments deserve celebration, the journeys of these women serves as an inspiration to overcome hurdles. Moving forward we need to build a community where success is defined by collaboration, innovation, and the genuine empowerment of all individuals, regardless of their background.

About the Author – Jessica Ebele

Jessica is currently a Project Coordinator at BWRE, where her dedication to the organisation's vision and mission is evident through her enthusiasm in promoting its objectives to the industry.

She recently completed her master's degree in Real Estate Development at the University of Westminster. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Real Estate from the University of Ilorin in Nigeria (2019) and has completed the requisite training to become a chartered surveyor in Nigeria. She has a strong foundational experience in valuation, facilities management and investment management. Jessica is interested in commercial real estate and creating spaces that add social value and is driven by her passion to make a significant mark on the industry, She is actively seeking work opportunities.

Read the stories of the five women on our website, watch out for the upcoming podcasts and make sure to attend the event on the 18th of October 2023.




Instagram: @b.w.r.e

Twitter: @thebwre

LinkedIn: Black Women in Real Estate


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Unknown member
Oct 04, 2023

"Moving forward we need to build a community where success is defined by collaboration, innovation, and the genuine empowerment of all individuals, regardless of their background." I can surely say this is what any community needs. Thanks for

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